Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

August 1, 2023

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Southshore Exchange Group’s mission is to be a vetted collective of small business owners in the greater Southshore/Tampa Bay Area that serves as a go-to resource and recommendation hub for the surrounding communities. With a shared vision of quality growth in the small businesses comprising this group, Southshore Exchange Group aims to connect the customer n need with a small business that meets and exceeds the customer’s expectations, as well as support fellow business owners in their quest for professional expansion. We value, respect, integrity, customer service, inclusivity, collaboration, education, and professionalism. 

Southshore Exchange Standards

  • Meetings are held once weekly on Wednesdays at 8am ET at the Landing Cafe of Waterset, and in-person attendance is required at east twice monthly. 
  • New members of the group are introduced by current members and vetted by the SSEG Board.
  • There shall be no overlap of business goods or services among the members of the group.
  • Any issues should be brought to the SSEG Board members for assistance and/or emailed to SSEG.Board@gmail.com. 
  • Personal or professional discussions should take place privately, outside of meetings and off of social media.
  • Referrals for SSEG Group members should be communicated via SSEG Facebook group post with tag, or by other means of preferred communication as designated by each business owner. 
  • No small business owner is to be excluded due to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, health status, or any other means of discrimination. 
  • Bullying or negativity of any kind is not permitted and will be addressed. We are here to help your business and our community thrive!

About Us

Established in June 2019, SSEG is a FREE rapidly growing local relationship & networking group of professional established community members who offer a service or run a small business who have all come together to help our community grow with success

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